Cover Design

The Blessings Came Down

Digital Publication

Award – Silver Addy 2017 – Publication Design: Creative Direction (American Advertising Federation and the Caribbean Advertising Federation)

‘The Blessings Came Down’ is a narrative of the successes and disappointments faced by a young black girl Elsie, growing up in post emancipation Caribbean.  It is a compelling story of a personal life journey where Elsie reminisces about a lifestyle and culture that is fast becoming obsolete whilst addressing issues like religion, family, racism, sexism and triumph over adversity.  The book is a light hearted, refreshing read with an inspirational message that will resonate with both young and old.

Time and Place: Winston Kellman

Barbados Arts Council

‘Time and Place’ is a retrospective catalogue of works by the Barbadian artist Winston Kellman. He continues to spend many days at dawn drawing and painting around the East Coast, particularly in Bathsheba. The paper stock for this catalogue consists of a slight grain without a coating to enhance the idea of rendering on art paper.


United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA)

The UNFPA of The Eastern Caribbean held a meeting in New York City and wanted a notebook for delegates. The budget allowed for limited quantities. Resounding feedback came from the delegates regarding the ‘look and feel’. Many of them wanted copies to take away and they were simply not enough.

Food and Agriculture Organisation

(FAO) of the United Nations (UN)

With every project you always learn a little something new! I had an awesome experience in learning about the depths of the sea through my client who is a Scientist of the deep blue. Challenges with the project occurred regarding how their digital apparatuses captured data and how this could be converted to ‘print’ files, but we made it happen! Additionally, I had a unique opportunity to take a couple of photos in a local fisheries complex to help build out the report. The best way to convey the subject of the report to fellow scientists and other stakeholders is to show what we consume from our waters, which serves as an invaluable reminder of food security.

Fielding Babb Art Catalogue

National Cultural Foundation

This catalogue is an honour for me as this is the first and only catalogue of the late artist Fielding Babb who captured some of the many geological and cultural charms that is essentially Barbados… from intimate cart roads with quaint chattel houses along them, to fishing boats, village cricket and the hustle and bustle of the city of Bridgetown. He was and still is the most cherished of artists by the local community. Some may tell you that some of the cart roads with a home or two nearby are no longer there and Mr. Babb captured it before its disappearance. His work connects with the people. Babb always signed his works in vermillion, which was so distinct to me that I could not help but frame the cover’s subject matter in it.